Laconia Indian Historical Association

Service Awards

This award was first given in 1976, to honor Thelma Manning.
"Granny" Manning was a resident at the Lakes Region Convalescent
Center where she spent the last two years of her life. She was
called Granny by the LIHA family for many years and then when the
children went to the home to do a show and to shawl Gerry Dulac's
sister, Granny really became interested in the group. Her family
was now all over the world, so many time's a week the kids would
walk up to see her. She was always glad to see them and they even
brought the outside world to her, with flowers and pussy willows.
She knew then that they had truly adopted her as their Grandmother.
After her death it was decided to honor her by having an
award presented in her name. Originally, given to recognize
superior "Old Time Dress" and dance. The focus over the ensuing
years has changed to one of personal merit and service.

Jane Goodwin 1976                                           Michelle Berman 1993
Janet McCartney 1977                                        Judy Burke 1994
Susan O'Meara 1978                                          no reclpient(year dedicated
ClearSky * 1979                                                    to service in memory of
Flo Bentley 1980                                                      Clearsky) 1995
Amy Sanville * 1981                                            Judy Maynard 1996
Debbie Goodman  1982                                     Marilyn Stevens 1997
Debbie Slack 1983                                              Libby Robinson 1997
Beverly Moore 1984                                             Tina Howes 1998
Stillwater * 1985                                                   Dawn Charron 1999
Dena Zagula Horne 1986                                   Beverly Newell 2000
Barbra Spicer 1987                                              Beth Ann Knowles 2001 
Marie Mahoney 1987                                            Tracy King 2002
Georgia Edwards 1988                                       Robin Stevens 2003
Dot Pike 1989                                                        Tammy Montenbeault 2004
June Prosser 1989                                               Terry Travers 2006
Olive Beaudoin 1989                                            Karen Thurber 2007
Esther Mire 1990                                                   Anita Creager 2010
Joan Robinson 1991                                            Karen White 2011
Janet Robinson 1992                                          Wendy Laflamme 2012

1. A woman who exemplifies traditional life and values, i.e.:
humility, generosity, personal integrity, and selflessness; by her
service to the community, especially on behalf of LIHA, and thereby
setting an example for other women to follow.
2. Any LIHA member may submit a woman's name for receiving the
Granny Manning Award, with the reasons why they are nominating her,
to any past recipient.
3. The final selection shall be made exclusively by any and all
former recipients of the award at the Annual Labor Day Pow Wow.
4. The award shall be presented on Sunday at the Annual Labor Day
Pow Wow.


1. The past recipients shall pay for the honoring song.
2. The past recipients shall be responsible for engraving the
current recipient's name on the large trophy and purchasing the
small trophy for the previous recipient. .
3. The past recipients shall dance with the current recipient to
honor and support her.
4. Should there have been a death of a recipient within the
previous year, all recipients, except the current one, shall dance
with their shawls covering their heads in traditional mourning.
5. The Granny Manning Women shall work towards assisting the youth
of the organization in preparing their dance outfits.
6. At times, the Granny Manning Women may wish to honor other women
of distinction. This will be done in the traditional manner of
presenting her with a shawl. This shall be done at the start of the
presentation ceremony.
(7. The Granny Manning Women shall wear as a symbol of their
position a _ hair tie made from a single blue Macaw feather with
red accent.
I am looking for any pictures of past members along with Picture of shawl and trophy