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The women of the Granny Manning decided that the men should also be
So once a year they select a man for his valor and honor him. This award was first given in 1991, to honor James Prosser.
"Pa" Prosser, along with his wife and son, came from Hopkinton, MA. He was a member, officer, and Elder of LIHA for 20 years. "Pa" was a distinguished combat veteran, who had parachuted behind enemy lines to free prisoners of war. In the early years, "Pa" attended LIHA activities as an advisor to a coed Explorer Dance Team from Mass. Weekend after weekend Jim met the challenge of gathering a work force for projects at the LIHA reservation with dedication, vigor and gusto. Some. of the improvements he and the work crews have made include the road behind the Arbor, the "Lee Sanville" road to the pond, the cook shack, the turkey pit, the entrance road to the reservation, the original arbor and its upkeep, and thousands of man-hours on the maintenance of the roads and land.
Past Recipients:
Vincent Frecoult 1991                                                      Chris Horne 1997
James' "Pa" Prosser " 1992                                              Alan Robinson 1997
Richard "Robbie" Robinson 1993                                       Lloyd Howes 1998
Gerry Dulac 1994                                                             Mike Laughy 1999
Paul Burke 1994                                                              Donald Newell 2000
no reciplent 1995                                                          (2001 dedicated to memory of Clearsky)
Kevin Maynard 1996                                                         Henry 2002
Mark Roderick 1997                                    

Current Guidelines:

1. A man who exemplifies traditional life and values, i.e.: humility, generosity, personal integrity, and selflessness; by his service to the community, especially on behalf of the land and LIHA, and thereby setting an example for other men to follow.
2. Any LIHA member may submit a man's name for receiving the Pa Prosser Award, with the reasons why they are nominating him, to any past recipient of the Granny Manning Award.
3. The final selection shall be made exclusively by any and all former Granny Manning recipients at the Annual Labor Day Pow Wow.
4. The award shall be presented on Sunday at the Annual Labor Day Pow Wow.

1. The past recipients of both the Pa Prosser and Granny Manning Award shall pay for the honoring song.
2. The past recipients shall dance with the current recipient to honor and support him.
3. The past recipients shall be responsible for having the current
recipient's name embroidered on the Prosser Quilt.
4. The Pa Prosser Men shall work towards maintaining and improving
the land.